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Cosmopolitanism, values and standards, a sound general education, foreign language skills and, last but not least, media and business competence: for us, the International Primary School Meerane, these are not just empty words in times of increasing globalization. For us, holistic education means learning with head, heart and hand.

We want to make growing people strong for this ever-growing, ever-changing world in the sense of our name giver Carl Hahn "My field is the world". What makes our school so special and what we have to offer, you can find out here.


News from
the school day

Cycling Training Class 4

From 12.09. - 14.09.2023 the children of class 4 took part in the bicycle driving training, which was carried out by two employees of the Verkehrswacht. With great enthusiasm, the students mastered the practical training and learned to practically implement the rules of the road.


"Hotsy Totsy"
Children's Center for Holistic
Therapy and Happiness of Soul

Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and courses for educators as well as parents.

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