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Notebook project

Digital learning is no longer a pipe dream these days - at our school, kids learn with e-books as early as grade 2. At our school, parents have the opportunity to purchase a Dell notebook for their child at a very good price. This has the advantage that all students work with the same device, can help each other and in case of questions or problems each teacher can support. Thus, the children are well equipped and equipped to master all challenges on a digital level in modern school life.

All important information and documents regarding the use of notebooks at our school can be accessed via the institution's file repository at Lernsax or in the download area of the SIS.

Information about Lernsax

The educational platform Lernsax gives us the ability to maintain continuous learning online, even when regular school operations are suspended.

Help, instructions and videos for LernSax can be found at Downloads.


The allocation and rental of lockers in our school building is done by the company Mietra.
If you would like to rent a locker or receive service please use the following link:
Mietra - Rent a locker at IPM

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